The Life of Jennifer Dawn: We had chemistry from the start.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We had chemistry from the start.

It was August 2002, and I was walking into my first day of chemistry class at ETSU. Spotting the familiar face of a new friend I had made the day before, I went to sit next to her. We sat talking, giggling, eyeing college boys, and waiting for class to begin. That's when he walked in. The man who is now my husband and the father of our precious Lydia Grace who we are dying to meet face to face. He noticed me too, as he took a seat next to one of his friends right behind me.

You might imagine that it was the beginning of an epic love story. Love doesn't always work that way though. Although there was immediate chemistry there, like two silly fools, we let life take us in various directions with various others while we continued to simply call each other friend.

It was years later before we finally stopped trying to repel against the magnetic attraction between us. We finally started dating each other and just knew that we had found our opposite pole.

In honor of Valentine's Day...I would just like to say that I have found my partner for life, my other half, my one true love. It started with instant chemistry and ended with an ever lasting bond.

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