The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Makin' House

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Makin' House

When my sister was a little girl she loved to watch the programs on television that showed houses being built and designed. My parents would be "surfing" through the channels, and she would shout out her desire to watch "Makin' House" as soon as she saw images of construction and design flash across the screen. She has often questioned why she wanted to watch those shows, and my parents have never been able to offer any answer other than, "You just liked to watch people making houses." I have never questioned my own love of interior design and decorating though. The thrill of treasure hunting through stores to find the perfect vase for the kitchen or the ideal comforter for the bedroom truly excites me. Allison may have loved watching "makin' house", but I love being the one "makin' house".

Tim and I recently made the plunge from being renters to homeowners. In doing this, there is less of a budget for decorating since much of the money now goes to paying the mortgage instead of decorating the tiny one-bedroom apartment we were residing in. The store runs for unique and beautiful decorative elements for our home have lessened in frequency, but I am slowly but surely "makin' house" in our new residence. It is a process that requires careful planning, budgeting, creativeness, and avid reading of Domino magazine. Some rooms are further along than others, but I am having so much fun "makin' house" in our first, real home together.

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