The Life of Jennifer Dawn: December 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boy or Girl? That was the question?

Tim and I chose to get a little creative when it came to finding out the gender of our baby. We went to the ultrasound appointment and watched the screen in amazement when we got to see our little one for the first time. It truly was an incredible experience, but we wanted to prolong the excitement for as long as we could. That is why we took a piece of stationary with us, and asked the ultrasound tech to write down the baby's sex instead of saying it aloud. The envelope was sealed, and we took it with us to the Melting Pot where we had made dinner reservations.
Dinner was wonderful! Neither of us had ever eaten there before. The service was wonderful too even though the server about dropped some plates when he got a surprising response to his question, "Are ya'll here for a special occasion?" I replied, "In the envelope right here is written the gender of our baby, and we were going to open it right before dessert." Maybe I should have been a little less detailed and just replied, "Yes!" His shock wore off in time to take some pictures though. However, I was still very emotional as the pictures were being taken after the "Big Envelope Opening Reveal."

Kitchen and Dining Room

This adjoining area has some great potention, but just wait until it is finished.  I'm planning a major remodel.  Let's not even discuss the room beyond the first picture. The one with the bookcase. That would be the area dubbed as the "Man Cave". We'll save an explanation on that room for another day.

Master Bedroom

Update: These are the before!  Want to see the after?
Click here!
We have a nice start, but there are still some things I want to add. This room is proof that using the furniture your husband brings into a marriage isn't always a disaster though. Well, at least not when the furniture is mixed with a few of the wife's decorative touches.

Guest Bedroom

Update: This room is now my daughter's bedroom, which I plan on redecorating very soon.
Here is the guest bedroom following the same shabby chic theme as the guest bathroom. It has come a long way since we first moved in. Originally it was the room where random things got dumped. Now that all of the junk is out in the garage, it is presentable for guests. Presentable just isn't good enought for me though. The room lacks interest, color, and about a million other things I just can't put my finger on. Oh well..."Rome wasn't built in a day".

Fresh mints and flowers laid out for guests add a nice touch. This is done right before company arrives.

Living Room

Well, the room isn't a complete disaster. It has some nice elements to it, but there are so many things I want to add and modify. Tim's expression is so cute when I begin telling him my vision for the room. He is the type of person who just has to see the finished product, so he nods and smiles and simply says that he trusts me to make it look great!

You'll just have to wait for the finished product because I have some inspiration to turn into perspiration before this room is magazine worthy.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom before...

The guest bathroom after it shabby chic transformation...

Now it is stocked with all the luxuries that any guest could hope for when staying for a visit.

Makin' House

When my sister was a little girl she loved to watch the programs on television that showed houses being built and designed. My parents would be "surfing" through the channels, and she would shout out her desire to watch "Makin' House" as soon as she saw images of construction and design flash across the screen. She has often questioned why she wanted to watch those shows, and my parents have never been able to offer any answer other than, "You just liked to watch people making houses." I have never questioned my own love of interior design and decorating though. The thrill of treasure hunting through stores to find the perfect vase for the kitchen or the ideal comforter for the bedroom truly excites me. Allison may have loved watching "makin' house", but I love being the one "makin' house".

Tim and I recently made the plunge from being renters to homeowners. In doing this, there is less of a budget for decorating since much of the money now goes to paying the mortgage instead of decorating the tiny one-bedroom apartment we were residing in. The store runs for unique and beautiful decorative elements for our home have lessened in frequency, but I am slowly but surely "makin' house" in our new residence. It is a process that requires careful planning, budgeting, creativeness, and avid reading of Domino magazine. Some rooms are further along than others, but I am having so much fun "makin' house" in our first, real home together.

The Tale of a Nursery

Tim and I are anticipating a little addition to our family. Thank goodness things fell into place allowing us to move out of the cramped one-bedroom apartment, and into a nice three-bedroom home. When we were putting an offer on the house, we didn't realize how much we needed those three bedrooms. Someone even asked me, "After you set-up a master bedroom and a guest room, what will you use the third bedroom for?" My response was a nonchalant, "Oh, we will figure something out." Well...we did! The extra bedroom is being turned into a nursery for Lydia Grace, our baby girl who is due to arrive on March 6, 2009.

It is a work in progress, but here are the early stages of the third bedroom being turned into the nursery. We are decorating the room with Classic Winnie-the-Pooh as the theme. The dresser and the crib were a gift from my parents (Lydia's Mimi and Papa). Tim and I purchased the chest of drawers. The chair is one we already owned that has been repurposed into a nursery chair. There is still lots to do, but it will all come together before Lydia arrives.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


BLOGGING. This is my feeble attempt at giving something new a try. I am the type of person that will try anything once. To be perfectly honest...I don't really know what blogging is all about. It seems similar to facebooking. My goodness! Listen to those words (facebooking and blogging). If they aren't in the dictionary yet, I am sure they will soon earn their place amidst Webster's other reference pages. Anyways, lately I have had the joy of reading several people's blogs that I am acquainted with, and it seems like a fun activity. I'll give it a whirl.  Why not?

Guess what?! I just looked up the word "blog" on, and there it was.