The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Burlap Canvas Children's Wall Art

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Burlap Canvas Children's Wall Art

The Do Something Crafty Challenge hosted by See Vanessa Craft is underway! Five bloggers--including myself--were each given Chevron Letter Stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils and challenged to use their stencils for a crafty project. Today is my day to share what I made using the supplies. Projects from each participant are being revealed throughout the week on See Vanessa Craft and voting will take place during the week of September 14. Be sure to visit Vanessa's blog to get an inside look at each craft.

Here is my stenciled craft...

I've been chipping away at room redos for kids' rooms one project at a time. These stenciled canvases were a great addition to their decor.

Here's how to make one...
staple gun
fabric paint
paint brush or paint roller
painter's tape

1. Wrap the front of a canvas with burlap. Use a staple gun to secure the edges. Just think about wrapping a present when you do this step. (If desired, you can remove the white canvas from the frame before wrapping it with burlap. Leaving it won't affect anything though.)
2. Gather and prepare your stencil(s), paint, and brushes.
3. Secure the stencil to your canvas with painter's tape. Apply paint to the areas the stencil leaves exposed. I used a dry brush technique with fabric paint and a bristle brush from Cutting Edge.
4. Use a generous amount of paint since the burlap soaks up a lot of it. Once all exposed areas are painted, allow the paint to dry for a few minutes.

5. Remove the stencil and tape.
6. Let the canvas dry completely before hanging.

I made a stenciled canvas for Lydia Grace's room too! This one is a little different. I used a ready-made white canvas that I painted pink before stenciling the chevron letter onto it. You'll want to use less paint on this surface since it is not as forgiving as the burlap.

These were so much fun to make! A big thank you goes out to Cutting Edge Stencils for providing the supplies!

And another thank you to Vanessa for hosting the challenge! Remember to keep checking her blog each day to see the other projects and to vote for your favorite.
Happy crafting!

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  1. Chevrons are one of the prettiest patters ever! You have done an amazing job :) perfect for a kids room..

  2. Chevron letters and burlap just go together! LOL! Loving this project! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! The burlap painted beautifully. I'm wanting to make some painted burlap canvases for fall now.

  3. Super cute! Pinned. Amber loved it so much that we will be featuring it at our party tomorrow night at 7 pm. Woo Hoo!
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls


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